Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 1 - Last day to masturbate like a man

So today, you read this blog as a man. You feel manly. You look manly. When you get horny, you grab your cock and you stroke it over and over again until you squirt your load.


For some reason, you are on this website. Why? What brought you here? You obviously want to read how to turn yourself into a little sissy slut gurl don't you? Changing how you experience pleasure is one of the many ways to transform yourself into a sissy.

Today you have a very simple assignment, but you better enjoy it because your days of masturbating like a man will be over.

After today, you will never grab your penis and stroke it in an attempt to receive pleasure. The only person who is allowed to do that is your wife, girlfriend, or mistress. They may or may not know that you are reading this blog or changing how you masturbate. My goal after 30 days is to have your penis soft and worthless. You will begin experiencing pleasure through other methods, but not stroking your penis.

I want you to set aside 10 minutes for this first lesson.

You will need a comfortable pair of panties. Choose some panties that hug your bottom and keep your sissy clit snug. If you are single, go out and buy a pair. If you are married, consider using a pair of your wifes but don't make it a habit.

Once you are wearing ONLY the panties, I want you to crawl on your bed in a very feminine nature. Lay on your back and feel the bedding on your body and how it caresses your skin along with the panties snugging your bottom. Roll around on the bed doing everything you can to feel feminine. Let your hands roam around your body and crotch, but DO NOT let your sissy clit leave your panties. It must remain inside them the entire time.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Admire how the panties fit you, how your sissy boy clit forms a bulge in the front. Swivel your hips in front of the mirror. Feel free to get yourself aroused and erect while still in your panties by rubbing the front of the panties.

When 9 minutes and 30 seconds has passed, you may pull the front of the panties out and begin feverishly stroking your erect penis. Stroke it faster then you have ever stroked it. I want you to cum in 30 seconds, I know you can do it.

Pump your sissy clit for all its worth because when that 10 minute mark is up you need to cum.

When you are ready to cum and you know your going to spurt, pull the front of your panties forward and put your sissy clit back into the panties and completely removing your hands from your clit.

You should start squirting your sissy juice into the front of your panties...maybe some of it dribbling through the panty material


You are to now lay back on the bed with your legs spread relishing in your orgasmic blissful state with your wet panties. Lay there for 5 minutes, making sure your sissy clit feels the cooling cum on your clit and panties.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Introduction: First Post

Hi everyone. My name is "Denise" and this is my first posting on my blog. I've been fascinated with the "sissy" lifestyle for a couple years now, but have never done much with it other then visit some blogs, read stories, watch porn, etc...

For some reason, I am fascinated with the concept of a "man" turning into a girl through sissy hypnosis, conditioning, and more. Specifically, taking a man who often masturbates the way men do..but jerking their cocks off until they spew cum everywhere, to where they masturbate as if they are a female and ultimately remove any stroking ability from their life. I want to list out a 30 day plan in which a man has to follow to transition how they "get off" as a man to how they get off as a woman. Honestly, this has never been tested and I am going off of my mental idea of how it would go. I hope some of you sissies out there follow it and tell me how it goes. Maybe your a straight guy looking to "try" it out.

I've particpated in many Yahoo Groups such as DomsFemAndSissies, Tgirls Who Travel, and more. I have yet to go outside of my own home other then using my wifes dildos, her panties...but have gotten off with her stuff many times.

I've never gone outside my marriage and I probably never will. I am deeply fascinated with big black cocks. Ever since college where I saw black men fucking white girls...I was hooked. Then it rolled into seeing black men fuck their girlfriends and wives in from of the boyfriends/husbands...aka cuckolding.  I love seeing white men humiliated by powerful black men with bigger dicks.

I have fantasies all the time of being dominated by hung black men...forcing me to my knees, sucking their big black cocks...and swallowing their big loads.  My wife had a big black dildo I loved and I found myself on many occasions when she was gone sucking on it as if its the real thing, trying to deep throat it..and even trying to fuck it. I always felt so full with it.

Anyways, I hope to update this blog daily if possible, so keep a look out. Btw, want to give a link out to Sissy Anna Malice...LOVE  YOUR BLOG - Visit it here: